Optimizing websites for screen readers with AI and image recognition technology.

Make Your Website Accessible to The Blind

Our solution utilizes artificial intelligence to detect screen readers and transitionally aligns your website’s coding for instant compatibility. Our AI knows how to scan, analyze, and understand element roles, forms, and even provides accurate alternative text descriptions to images (Alt tags) for the screen readers of those who are visually impaired. This is done by utilizing OCR and I.R.I.S. technologies — making your site compliant with the WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards.

Keyboard navigation optimization to accommodate website visitors with Parkinson’s disease and other motor impairments

Web Accessibility for People with Nervous System Disorders

People who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease, or amputees for example, are usually unable to use a mouse effectively. These individuals typically have specialized computers & keyboards with customized buttons and functionality. Our optimization process will ensure that your website is controllable using the TAB key alone, including dropdown menus, popups, and contact forms. Furthermore, all navigable elements are given visible focuses and are clickable using just ENTER.

Built-in Dictionary, to help those with cognitive impairments

Helping the Elderly Access Your Website

Elderly people, and people who have suffered from brain strokes for example, often find it challenging to comprehend sophisticated language, slang, or expressions. This can make it difficult for them to navigate your website effectively, without the proper web accessibility updating. To enhance their experience, we offer a built-in dictionary that quickly provides a full description of abbreviations and expressions, without transferring visitors to an external website, or forcing users into rephrasing the content itself.

Instantaneously stopping blinks and animations of all kinds with the click of a button

Web Accessibility For People With Epilepsy

People who suffer from epilepsy cannot be exposed to bright flashing lights and animations that flicker. This condition can create a constant fear of using the internet, as many websites today have flashing banners to grab attention. While these banners can be an effective marketing strategy, they are dangerous for people with epilepsy and can provoke a seizure.

Making your website WCAG compliant can help people with epilepsy immediately halt all animations (including but not limited to videos, GIFs, CSS or JS) with a single click.

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