Podcast Questionnaire

1. The Topic or genre of the podcast?

2. Do you currently have a podcast and want to improve it or is this a new launch?
Yes, I have a Existing PodcastNo, It is a new launch

3. Have you considered a name for your podcast?

4. Please describe your business/organization and who your target listener is:

5. Please list the names or links to any current podcast that have the sound production and style you would like to hear:

6. What aspects of these podcasts do you like most?

7. Please indicate the level of production desired for your podcast:
Basic = Includes Producing and Publishing of PodcastAdvanced = Includes Music, Producing and Publishing of PodcastExpert = Includes Sound Effects, Music, Producing and Publishing of Podcast

8. Would you like strategic tagging to increase chances of ranking high on iTunes search results?

If so what search terms would you like to rank for

9. Would you like assistance monetizing the podcast (ie. Sponsors, affiliate commissions)

10. Would you like us to host this podcast for you?

11. Would you like us to professionally record ads for you and your sponsors?

12. Would you like us to record intros/outros for the podcast?

13. Do you need assistance with branding (i.e. logo design, brand strategy)

14. Would you like us to create a website that includes the show notes of each episode where any links/discounts mentioned on the show will be?

15. What is the desired publishing frequency of your episodes?
1 per month2 per month1 per week1 per day

16. Your Contact Information




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