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There’s no question that it’s important to be found where motivated prospects are looking for you. Fortunately, we no longer need to crack open the phonebook and put on our reading glasses to find a local business; a simple Google search will get the job done in seconds. Outranking your competitors online can sometimes be an uphill battle. Our local search campaign is the modern solution to digital visibility.

Digital Footprint

Potential customers, who hear about you on the radio, see your billboard, watch your TV commercial, or even those who are referred from an existing customer, almost always follow up their initial interest with a keyword search online. If you’re not being found on local search for that keyword, then you just paid for that customer to call John Competitor down the street. We form your digital footprint by building quality, consistent listings for your business all over the Internet.


In order to win the visibility game, you must create the most robust digital footprint. These strategies essentially involve; authority, velocity, “freshness”, popularity, consistency, and many more signals as well. The best way to build a reliable & competitive online advantage is by constantly updating your online presence by utilizing these methodologies. When it’s all said and done… If you want Google to endorse your business on the first page of their results, applying these local search guidelines is crucial.

of local information seekers take action within 24 hours.
of them looked up geo-targeted specific information
of those searches call a local business
of those will visit the local business

Claim your online real estate


We use your business NAP, structure the data for delivery to the top national directories, aggregate them to the whole ecosystem of local information and analyze your online footprint.


Online local authority is measured by citations or in other words: where your company is mentioned on other websites and directories. This citation build-out involves creating new listings, data clean-up and entering the proper information into the featured fields.


Through “Local Data” sustainment we will continue to manage your data and update info pertinent to your business. We will also continue “Citation Velocity” which is the continued practice of building citations in order to boost your local authority.

Here's some answers to some popular questions.

With a solid organic strategy in place, most clients report much higher ROI (Return On Investment) with Local Search Optimization. Studies have shown that the majority of people searching for a local business online, gravitate to the “maps”. Logically this makes sense, since the prospect is usually looking for an establishment nearby. Furthermore, additional research revealed that there is a lack of trust associated with display ads, creating a phenomenon know as “banner blindness”. Transitionally this means that; not only does PPC (Pay Per Click) generate less inbound traffic, conversion rates tend to decrease as well. Conclusively we always suggest devoting a larger percentage of your Internet Marketing dollars towards an organic campaign. However, it never hurts to have extra exposure on the Web… So saving some spend for PPC is recommended.

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