October 1, 2020
Posted by Dymic Digital
digital marketing strategies
The Best Digital Marketing Strategies for 2020

What if your marketing strategy was outdated from the very beginning? Life moves fast for modern consumers. To get their attention, you need to embrace top-notch digital marketing strategies for...

July 9, 2020
Posted by Dymic Digital
digital transformation
How Embracing a Digital Transformation Will Benefit Your Business

In 2019, companies spent 40% of their technology budget on digital transformation. These numbers will keep growing with new technologies and digital needs, so companies need to adapt. Whether it's...

June 25, 2020
Posted by Dymic Digital
difference between seo and sem
Organic vs. Paid: Understanding the Difference Between SEO and SEM

Over 90% of all online activities start on a search engine like Google. By utilizing search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO), you can boost brand awareness and...

February 17, 2020
Posted by Dymic Digital
Can you Measure the ROI of your SEO?
Can You Measure The ROI of Your SEO?

For years, Search engine optimization (SEO) has been a bit of a notorious digital game of throwing everything against the wall to see what stuck. Even when web traffic was...

February 5, 2020
Posted by Dymic Digital
PPC Mistakes Business Owners Make
Common PPC Mistakes Business Owners Make That Sabotage Their Campaigns

Are you just getting started with PPC advertising? Want to make the most of your marketing budget? If you're starting to use pay-per-click advertising (PPC) to promote products and services for your...

February 5, 2020
Posted by Dymic Digital
Social media trends in 2020
Cutting Edge Social Media Trends in 2020 That You Need to Be Aware Of

Are you looking for the hottest social media trends in 2020? You've come to the right place. Content marketing is still at the top of the list for digital marketing...

November 25, 2019
Posted by Dymic Digital
how to design a mobile app
The Best Tips on How to Design a Mobile App

Some people may think that the application development market has stalled, but the numbers paint a very different story. In January 2019 there were 9.8k applications submitted to the iTunes App Store...

September 13, 2019
Posted by Dymic Digital
Why Your Business Needs a Website SEO Audit

Content If you’ve owned a website for any length of time, you know that SEO should be your focus. Without effective SEO, your website won’t rank higher, users won’t find...

September 11, 2019
Posted by Dymic Digital
web design
10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Website Designer

Hiring a website designer can be a big investment for your company. Read this article to know what your should ask your website designer to make sure you hire the...

September 10, 2019
Posted by Dymic Digital
Why Is Graphic Design Important for Your Business?

Why is graphic design important for your business? Good graphic design brings quality art into existence and enhances a business. And a good graphic designer can increase a company's revenue...

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