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Our Story

We are a distinguished group of passionate, creative marketers who desire to make the internet a better place. This vision was developed after years as colleagues and friends at a notable Inc. 500 digital agency…. With a growing desire to “spread our wings”, we decided to step out of our comfort zone and set a new course into the rapidly evolving world of Internet Marketing. Although it was a big step, we knew that with our combined passion and drive, great things were on the horizon. While most companies feared the dramatic changes that Google had implemented over the past four years, we saw it as an amazing opportunity for those who follow the core principles of righteous digital marketing.


Dymic has a proven track record of applying our industry knowledge in a variety of situations — from multi-million dollar marquee brands, to small mom-and-pop shops. No matter the size of your business, we pride ourselves on delivering nothing but excellence to each and every client.

Our Philosophy

We take pride in our integrity and truly apply a “your success is our success” doctrine at Dymic. Our in-house structure allows us to connect more with our clients, which means you will know every person working on your campaign and have no problem contacting us directly during business hours. Everyone on our team embraces the responsibility of fostering relationships and welcomes accountability for the work that we deliver. Aside from excellent customer service, you can expect innovative creativity and exceptional work… Welcome to the family.

Dennis Kirwan

Dennis Kirwan

Co-founder, CEO

With years of being a venture capitalist and leader, Dennis excels in top level business and client relations.

Jesse Heller

Jesse Heller

Co-founder and VP Sales

Jesse has had over seven years of experience leading and building sales teams. He is a leader and veteran manager.

Michael Welch

Michael Welch


A visionary, networker and entrepreneur at heart — he brings business to a right-brained creative company.

Our work
Where the rubber meets the road


You must be asking yourself, “What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks does Dymic mean anyway?” Well that’s a great question and we’re stoked you asked. We derived our name from the word dynamic. Webster’s dictionary defines dynamic as:

1 dy·nam·ic adjective sound \dī-’na-mik\
: always active or changing
: having or showing a lot of energy
: of or relating to energy, motion, or physical force